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November 05, 2008

A Victory for America

An amazing moment for us all.  Whether you're Democrat or Republican, Green, Socialist, or Independent, I hope you're pausing to celebrate the fact that an African-American has been elected president of the United States for the first time in our nation's history.  This one event is having and will continue to have an unimaginable impact all over the world.

I'm watching a young African-American woman weeping on national TV, saying "This changes everything. For me, my children, my grandchildren." 

I'm watching Oprah, late at night in Chicago surrounded by Obama supporters, her voice breaking, saying, "It now feels like anything can happen." 

Yesterday I read a wonderful poem:

Rosa sat so Martin could walk
Martin walked so Barack could run
Barack ran so our children could fly

I know the hard part starts now: this brilliant, inspiring, steady young man to whom we've given our support must now lead us to be our best, to work together to re-create America as we hope it can be. There will be disappointments and frustrations.  The economy may get worse before it gets better, and pulling ourselves out of this hole will not be easy or comfortable. 

But for tonight, for this moment on the edge of our future, let us celebrate that we, as a nation, were able to make this choice.


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Great post, Erika! I was a bit shell shocked Tuesday night but was a little teary Wednesday morning when it sunk in. Am excited at the thought of being proud of my country and its leaders again! Hope you don't mind if you share two other great blog posts I read yesterday - http://www.culturesmithconsulting.com/i-cried-at-announcement-of-obamas-election/ and http://www.talkingpointsmemo.com/talk/blogs/eastside93/2008/11/i-didnt-vote-for-obama-today.php. They're going in my favorites file, along with yours!

Wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing the first one - really lovely. The second one seems to have been removed (?).

And I just heard on the news that Barack seems to have won N Carolina. 364 electoral votes!


I love the poem with Rosa and Martin and now Barack. Rosa Parks and MLK are icons/heroes for all children of every race. I have three teenagers, 13, 14 and 18, and they each get the opportunity now to see Barack Obama and his family move into the White House and to be able to tell THEIR children what it was like to see the huge change that will surely sweep our nation now. Yes, the work will be very difficult and the times are precarious. But the last eight years have been horrendous. Let's celebrate the possibility. YES WE CAN.


Nanci -

My children - 24 and 20 - were very much involved in this election, as were all my nieces and nephews.

My son, Ian, watched the returns with my brother and his family in Brooklyn, and my sister-in-law emailed to tell me how moved she was to see Ian cry when Obama's victory was announced.

What a beginning this is....

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