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June 07, 2007

Create Your Own Meaning

Link: Seth's Blog: Logos.

I agree with this blog post of Seth Godin's - he talks about logos that have become ultra-recognizable (Nike's swoosh, Starbuck's mermaid, Apple's apple), and opines that it's goofy to spend a kajillion dollars on a "meaningful" logo; he recommends picking something that's cool-looking and doesn't carry much instrinsic meaing -- and then to create meaning for it.


I like to think we're doing that with our Proteus logo (the blue shape in the picture to your left). I hope that, when clients see our logo, they think of the experience we hope to create in working with them: illuminating, strengthening, trustworthy.

It's the same with people, I think. I've observed that some people try too hard to make you think something "important" about them from the very first moment: through creating an extreme "look," or by focusing attention on their possessions, or by lauding their own accomplishments. It almost always rings false. I find myself most impressed by people who enter into situations "neutral" -- solid, simple, unprespossessing, gracious -- and then let you see who they truly are by creating real meaning in their interactions with you.


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